Kelly Guentner-Edwards has too many hobbies, much to her long-suffering husband’s chagrin. She is an author, a cosplayer, a podcaster, and the chairwoman of the Multiverse FunRaiser. She will talk your ear off about Black Canary or the role of comics in shaping American history if you’ll let her, so watch out!

Hello there!

“You may have found your way here for any number of reasons. Whatever brought you here, welcome to my little corner of the internet! It’s not hard to find me all across social media, but this is a nice centralized location for all that I do.”




Kelly is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to make sure she can pay her super talented voice actors to record Scorcher!

Audiobooks are so important to make novels more accessible. So support the Scorcher Audiobook today!

The Scorcher Audiobook is now FULLY FUNDED! Contribute to get your copy AND help us reach our stretch goals!


Kelly is in the middle of the Forces of Nature Trilogy, written under the pen name of Kelly Edwards. Scorcher and Thin Ice are both available now!


Supervillains are people too. They’re not always megalomaniacs with dreams of world domination. Sometimes they’re just people doing whatever they must to get by. Aidan Grey is a college student with goals for the future, a drive to succeed, and little time for romance. She’s also a woman with a secret.


Cosplay Cafe

Cosplay Cafe is a podcast that is focused on bringing positivity to the cosplay world.

Each episode features a different guest and theme, and the Cosplay Cafe baristas invite guests and viewers to build each other up, sharing their love of the hobby and those we meet thanks to the magic of costuming.

Back Issue Breakfast Club

Kelly is also a co-host of Back of the Cereal Box, most frequently seen on the Back Issue Breakfast Club segments. Back of the Cereal Box is the flagship show of The Cereal Box Network.

View Back Issue Breakfast Club anywhere that the Cereal Box Network can be found.

Gilmore Sisters: A Rant Podcast

Kelly and her Phoenix Sister, Crayle, have an audio-only podcast discussing fan-theories and superfluous opinions all about the drama, Gilmore Girls.

You can tune in on any of the Phoenix Sisters Cosplay social media.


The Multiverse FunRaiser

The Multiverse FunRaiser is an annual virtual convention/charity fundraiser that features celebrities, comic-con style panels, and a focus on giving back to a good cause while also putting some joy and fun out to the community.

We started doing this in the middle of the pandemic as a way to help recreate the convention experience for those of us who were feeling isolated.

After organizing a few events though, we realized it was a fun way to do charity work, while still being accessible to people who can’t make it to large, in-person events, even as things start to return to ‘normal’ (whatever that may be).

So now we choose a different charity focus each year and keep the party going.

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