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Kelly began her writer’s journey by creating fan fiction of some of her favorite tv shows, before branching out with an all-original super hero novel of her own.

She published Scorcher, the first book in her Forces of Nature series, in 2012. The sequel, Thin Ice, was published in 2022. They’re both available now in e-book and physical formats.


Audiobooks are fun. They make novels more accessible to people with disabilities, people who are low on time, or even just spend a lot of time driving.

So get Scorcher as an Audiobook when you support Kelly’s crowdfunding campaign! Or even just support its creation for some smaller perks, while making her novel more accessible.

Poll Time!

For those who have contributed to the Scorcher Audiobook campaign, many of you have stickers as an added perk!

I’m still designing them though, so I want YOUR input!

Option 1: High quality vinyl cut-out stickers — We would make vinyl stickers in a medium size (over 1.5″x1.5″), with one or two designs sent to the backers who signed up for the relevant perks.

Below is an example image, not the final product:

Option 2: Standard quality sticker sheet — We would put several pieces of art in a sticker sheet. These stickers would be smaller, and not as durable as vinyl cut outs, but you will get more art.

Below is an example image. Not the final product:

Thank you to our contributors!

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Supervillains are people too. They’re not always megalomaniacs with dreams of world domination. Sometimes they’re just people doing whatever they must to get by. 

Aidan Grey is a college student with goals for the future, a drive to succeed, and little time for romance. She’s also a woman with a secret.

A dangerous one.

Scorcher book cover: A woman's face is partially obscured by her red hair. The text reads, "Scorcher, Book #1 of the Forces of Nature. Kelly Edwards"

At eleven, she was orphaned due to the accidental use of her pyrokinetic abilities. She was taken in by the secret criminal organization known as Iris and trained to use her abilities for the organization’s profit.

Marty Knox, on the other hand, is a police detective who loves his family, tries to genuinely make a difference in the world and falls hard for Aidan.

He shows up just as Aidan is starting to question her loyalties to Iris and she’s surprised to find that she can’t resist him, even if it would be dangerous to get involved with someone on the right side of the law.

What Aidan doesn’t realize is that Marty has a secret of his own, one that would endanger both their lives if discovered by Iris.

Enjoy this trailer for Forces of Nature #1: Scorcher

Thin Ice

After quite literally burning their bridges with the villainous organization Iris and the super hero alliance known as the Solaris Circle, Marty and Aidan are living on the run.

Their relationship will be tested as they continue their mission together to destroy Iris, despite being pursued by villains and heroes alike.

But as they continue their cycle of fight and flight, an even darker conspiracy emerges.

Living on the run already isn’t easy… But for Aidan and Marty, things are about to get even more complicated.

After a traumatic childhood, Aidan, a.k.a Scorcher, was taken in by the villainous and elusive organization known as Iris.

Meanwhile, police officer Marty was living a double life as well under the moniker, Chill, alongside the other super heroes in the Solaris Circle.

Now, they’re a couple, pursued by villain and hero alike. But they still have a common mission.

Will they be able to take down Iris all on their own? Will their relationship survive the strain of life on the lam?

On top of everything else though, an even darker plot emerges as they grapple with the challenges they already face. Can they set everything else aside to thwart this greater evil?

Thin Ice, the thrilling sequel to Scorcher, answers these questions, and asks new ones too.


January 23, 2018

I can’t even begin to start on how much I loved this book.

The lead character is complicated. The thematic questions about good and evil are thought-provoking. The relationships between characters are vivid, the super-hero parts are great if you are normally a fan of the genre, but not so over-done that a casual reader would be turned off.

It’s a female perspective, and kind of introspective, which was refreshing.

I could go on and on. Buy this book.

This is a different take on a villain story … Is she bad because she was born that way or because it is her job? Or is she even truly bad or is it a misconception due to the circumstances she was forced to grow up in?

This was an engaging story that made me think alot about the nature of the image we perceive of ourselves…are we what we think we are or how others see us? What exactly is our reality?

The action and adventure are nonstop with a dash of suspense and intrigue just to round out the story 😀 I can not wait to read more of this series as I can not quite figure what happens next .

**this book is for adults only

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Art Credits:

Cover Art: Dafne Salazar

Additional Character Art: Eveli Liivak

Additional Character Art: Jen Watson

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